Privacy Policy

ACT always puts a very high value in your personal information and their confidentiality. This privacy policy outlines the ways we use such data, how we collect data, and the methods to guarantee your privacy.

Information Collection and Use
There are two types of information we collect. First is the general information. These are the data that we can obtain through our cookies. These cookies gather information such as the kind of browser you use, the length of time you visited our pages, and the web pages you checked out. These are meant for analytics purposes, and they don’t get any of your stored personal information.

We also ask for your personal information from time to time. We need it when we have to process your orders or when you have certain requests, questions, or comments about our business, website, and even our privacy policy. Some of these data include your full name, address (such as e-mail address), contact number, and credit card details.

ACT also maintains a subscription list for those who like to receive company updates, information, industry tips, and promotions into their e-mail. We will request for your full name and e-mail address then. All our e-mails have an opt-out option that allows you to cancel your subscription immediately by clicking the link.

Storage and Security of Data
ACT does not engage in any sale, trade, or exchange of personal confidential information for commercial reasons. From time to time, however, we may ask your permission and permit us to share limited data to our third-party affiliates and business partners. These are companies and individuals that are integral in our providing services to you and your enterprise.

Moreover, we run a completely secure and well-maintained server that holds a large database of personal information. Our shopping cart has an integrated SSL technology that encrypts financial details during transactions. These stored details are deleted after 60 days.

All our promotions can be found in the website and/or delivered straight to your e-mail address if you are subscribed to our mailing list. ACT may also display ads, promos, and other marketing materials from our third-party partners and affiliates. These are products, services, and announcements we consider may be ideal for you.

Nevertheless, since these promos are under our third-party affiliates, ACT doesn’t have any control as to any changes affiliates may implement on such promotions. They are also have their own set of terms and conditions. ACT therefore should not be considered accountable for any demand of indemnities due to third-party promo issues.

Federal and State Regulations
ACT makes sure that we remain compliant to the existing state and federal rules and regulations pertaining to online use and privacy. In line with this, we may be compelled to provide your personal information without getting your permission in the aid of any official investigation such as on identity theft and fraud.

Offline Information
This Privacy Policy doesn’t include collection, use, and storage of offline information.

Changes to Our Policy
ACT can change, delete, or add to the policy without prior notice to our users and/or customers. Any changes to the policy, however, will be announced in a viewable and accessible location of our website and through your e-mail.

Contact Us
Should you have any concerns, questions, or reactions to our privacy policy, you may send us your e-mail using our Contact Form.